Makin’ A List, Checkin’ It Twice


So, is it just me or does everyone go into list meltdown mode when planning a trip?

As those who know me are fully aware, organisation & preparation are never my strong suits in everyday life. However, there is something about setting out for new climes or experiences that gets the OCD beast in me drooling.

I recently returned from a super-fabby vacation to Tokyo &, true to form, I was a mean, keen, organising machine weeks before departure. Local transport & taxi apps? Check! Print outs of subway system & exact route to planned destinations? Check! Cash, currency card & handy Japanese phrases? Check!.

In addition, I had spent the previous weeks writing an extensive list of what to pack & outfits planned, right down to the number of knickers & socks to take…. heaven forfend I actually run out of socks (rule of thumb… one pair for every day plus thee extra pairs for ’emergencies’). I had also gathered a small forest of printouts detailing all possible routes, locations & travel times. It’s a bit like an obsessive traveller’s version of Pokemon Go – gotta have ’em all!

How I dearly wish that I could sub this organisational gene into my everyday life. How great would it be to have each day planned out by the hour, to have timings & destinations organised to a tee &, biggest wish of all, to actually have a clue what I’m doing with my life!

If anyone out there has any ways I can ‘trick’ my subconscious to thinking it’s getting ready to go on vacation all the time, then hit me up. All ideas gratefully received (if I actually get organised enough to read them, doh!).


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