Adult Supervision Not Required

Remember back in the day when you were young & couldn’t wait to grow up & be totally responsible for all aspects of your life? Me to…. but if only I’d known how becoming an adult would entail navigating the sucky quagmire of judgement & expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the freedom that maturity of age gives me but I frickin’ hate the presumptions of the great big world around me. Just because I have a mortgage doesn’t mean I want to listen to crappy music, watch brain-rotting prime-time tv & be proud of my fitted kitchen & matching accessories. Fuck that – give me new, give me exciting & give it to me now!

I still geek out at cartoons, adore tv & love a good toy or collectible. In fact, when Tamagotchi’s came over to the UK in the 90s, I was lined up at Hamleys at 6am to make sure I got my hands on one. Everyone else in the line was there to buy the Japanese marvel for the kids – suckers, hahaha!

Truth be told, I’ve always been an ‘adult’ that has obsessed over pop culture. I can’t help it & I guess a lot of it is down to the fact that I was a total tv baby, suckling at the teet of a delicious technicolour world. But, as time’s gone by, I’ve noticed that my peers have started to buy into the self-fulfilling prophecy that passion is only for the young & that adulthood is for mediocre interests & a harping back to the culture of your youth. Sorry, but if I hated a band in their heyday, I ain’t gonna suddenly develop a taste for them thirty years later (thank you reunion tours, but your taxi is waiting).

What I’m trying to say with my ramblings (& believe me I could go on for hours on this topic) is don’t accept the status quo. If you suddenly develop a liking for Japanese thrash metal, pursue that interest. You want to see a risquΓ© exhibition in the middle of the day, on your own, do it. Fill your brain with the new & the wonderful, there’s so much of it out there just waiting for our sponge-like brains to soak it up.

Life is short but attention spans are shorter, so who will even remember your moment of life-grabbing joy except, of course, you. Take those risks & treasure the memories.



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