Let Me Take A Selfie (Not)

Over the past few years a certain existential crisis has crept up upon me – the fear of my online image.

Not that long ago I’d happily pout & goon for the lens, but as I’ve gotten more uncomfortable with my looks, it’s now a real sore point that causes cringing & stress. This has caused me to really think about what I want to ‘put out there’ & also how times & social norms have changed in recent years. When did it become normal to post a selfie to accompany a thought, product or blog piece – in other words, when did our image become so entangled in our output?

As an ardent devourer of the written word & a huge wet-knicker fan of music, the image of the people that produced these passions wasn’t always that evident to me. Besides a blurry byline image or a bad quality promo shot, the identity of these joy givers where unknown to me, unless someone piqued my interest enough to open up a laptop & google them (or even Yahoo-them back in the day).

Oh how times have changed. These days you can’t even post about the smallest minutiae of life without a perfectly lit mug shot to accompany it, which for some of us can a real source of anxiety.

Not that I’m aiming for Banksy-like anonymity, but I think a li’l restraint on the frantic pic posting could do us all some good. I’m actually thinking that perhaps a small promotion (ironically, on social media) could encourage people to think a bit more about how & what they post image wise.

So, who’s with me for a weekly ‘Selfie-free Sunday’? I’m sure there’s many of us who would relish a break from the relentless mug shots & fear of looking like a walkin’ talkin’ horror show in makeup. I say we start as we mean to go on & keep at least one day free from self exploitation.

Who’s with me



  1. Oh, I am so with you on this. And the other way round, I genuinely ‘do’ think you can spot the absolute narcissists by the amount of selfies they post. The odd one every now and again, sure, as part of a business account. Every other photo: nope

  2. Love this! Totally agree on the no selfie Sunday! I’m always pondering on how times have changed. Visited a V and A exhibition recently and they had a display specifically to take a selfie. I said to my friend if she fancied it and her reply was ‘why do we need a selfie to remember the day?’. So we left it! Also understand how you feel about the anxiety around having your pic taken. But you gotta just say jeff it! You are you and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem!

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