All The Swears, All The Time

Fuck, dick & arsehole… my trifecta of swears most in daily use.  I adore swearing but, like many women, I was brought up with bizarre common notion that nice girls don’t swear. However, I tend to look upon the art of swearing very differently – as LSD for the vocabulary.

Swearing opens up all sorts of creative neural pathways that lead to a wide & interesting smörgåsbord of vocabulary choices.  For example, the other day somebody cut me up whilst I was driving & I called them a ‘pendulous arse wobbler’.  See, a thoroughly creative freeway of expression that (for once) didn’t rely on R rated swears.

The notion that swearing is the resort of the vocabulary-challenged is a total load of balls. Swears offer so many more ways to express your love, hate, frustration or just general joy of life.  I’m also a fan of the conjoined nature of swearing… take any swear word & it will easily sit alongside another to create all manner of fun new expressions. 

I do think the attitude to swearing may be changing, although the odd eyebrows is always raised when the profanity comes from a female mouth hole.

I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on the matter of oral filth. Do you swear, are you a creative swearer or do you frown on it? What do you mofos think? Drop me a line & let’s get this swear train on the rails. Toot-frickin’-toot!!!



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