A Li’l Love Goes A Long Way

So, it’s that time of year when we take a good look at what’s going on with ourselves & the world & perhaps feel we want to do a li’l bit more that we’re already doing.  I wanted to share with you that you really don’t need to make huge changes or donations to make a difference to someone’s life & make yourself feel that you’re actually contributing to something positive.

A few years ago I started to feel that I wanted to help people who maybe didn’t have the opportunities or benefits that I have.  So, I started small, with a £10 monthly donation to St Mungo’s, a UK homeless charity.  Next I decided that every year I would buy an extra ‘present’ in the form of sponsoring two spaces at Crisis At Christmas.  I’d love to say that I would be selfless enough to dole out the love & Christmas dinners, but we gotta be real here & realise where our talents lie – crying over turkey & making everyone feel crappy is not an ideal volunteer trait (I can get very emotional at the frickin’ injustice of it all).

Last, but by no means least, is my contribution to the international efforts in the form of Lend With Care.  An amazing organisation that helps small business owners & artisans around the world with loans.  You can start with just £15 & support someone in far off climes.  They pay the loan back once they’re in profit & you can either take your money back out or invest in another person.  Over the past few years I’ve helped seamstresses in Guatemala, sari beaders in India & a whole host of other endeavours.

Well, there you have it.  My ‘I may feel shit about everything, but at least my money is doing some good’ list of good causes.  Whether it’s dropping a quid into a collection tin or being more organised with online donations, I can highly recommend givin’ a little of our time, thought & pennies to organisations that are close to our hearts.


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