To paraphrase the bad ass sisters of En Vogue:

“Validation, wrote a blog about it. Like to read it?”

Maybe, to start with, we need a li’l dictionary definition of the word “validation: recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile”.

So, that seems pretty cut’n’dried as far as descriptions go but, as we all know, the actual act of validation brings soooooo much more to the table.  When you validate someone’s perspective or belief, you give them more than just a verbal pat on the back.  You give them strength, courage & the hope that their opinion will be given equal credence.

Many of us spend our days mulling over opinions & ideas that we don’t have an outlet for or a venue to share, so this is where having validation from others of a similar ilk is invaluable.  It can be hard, as a woman, to put your hand up & say your words in the ‘big room’ of society, amongst people who are of different genders or perspectives.  But I think we need to brave the fear to speak out & grab that validation whenever we can, nobody is going to give it to us if we’re sitting in the shadows at the back of the room. Our plans & musings are on an equal par with every other person that walks on this planet.

Now, I know how scary this can be, believe me, but the one thing I would recommend for all women is to get a support network. A year ago I become part of a feisty, proactive group of female indie business owners. Most of us have never met in person, we meet on Facebook & WhatsApp groups, we follow each others businesses with a cheerleading gusto & support each others endeavours. I would urge everyone to try & find a similar network of their peers. Even if it’s just wine-led musings on the internet, you’ll be amazed how empowered you feel knowing someone understands you & your ideas.

I know this can be hard for some people to either reach out or even find similar minded peers they can share with but, believe me, they are out there. In the meantime if you need a validation boost, just hit me up. I have a willing ear, a supportive voice & I will always have your back!



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