Salty & Sassy (but not very classy)

Recently, my li’l grey cells have been having a good old work out on the subject of our fair gender. The older women, the women who have stepped off the career track or who have chosen a more ‘softer’ path in life (i.e. not being a total testosterone whip bitch). There is no equivalent female word for ‘emasculate’ (I googled the sucker, just to make sure), but that is what I feel is happening to us who fit into the above description… our admirable female traits & strength of voice are bring stripped from us, to the detriment of society as a whole.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-men (I’d be a hypocrite if I was, considering I’m married to a man, have a son & a stinky-ass boy dog) but, it never ceases to amaze me how most men generally never seem to lose that volume of power as they age, & the majority need no excuse to show it off at any opportunity.  Is our lack of visibility genetics?  Social conditioning? Or just the fact that we find the over-confident-bullshit-spouting & ‘balls on the table’ crap just a tad crass & ever so tacky?   Either way, I’m starting (& hoping) to feel a change is in the air & I’m praying there’s gonna be plenty of room at the table for us feisty broads to have our say.


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