So, this is li’l old me, Kali Anderson. Multi-faceted mama jama, pop culture geek, mother & all round cheerleader for the sisterhood.  I was once told that we all have an inner monologue voice guiding our work, so I’d better forewarn you that for many years mine has been a slightly bitter southern belle with […]

Adult Supervision Not Required

Remember back in the day when you were young & couldn’t wait to grow up & be totally responsible for all aspects of your life? Me to…. but if only I’d known how becoming an adult would entail navigating the sucky quagmire of judgement & expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I love the freedom that […]

Let Me Take A Selfie (Not)

Over the past few years a certain existential crisis has crept up upon me – the fear of my online image. Not that long ago I’d happily pout & goon for the lens, but as I’ve gotten more uncomfortable with my looks, it’s now a real sore point that causes cringing & stress. This has […]

All The Swears, All The Time

Fuck, dick & arsehole… my trifecta of swears most in daily use.  I adore swearing but, like many women, I was brought up with bizarre common notion that nice girls don’t swear. However, I tend to look upon the art of swearing very differently – as LSD for the vocabulary. Swearing opens up all sorts […]